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In between 2:14

November 20, 2012



Hard place.

I woke up in between.

Christian ministry,

lesbian identity. Crisis.

Not inside. God resides.

But out there. Hide.

Wary and weary.

Traditional toll, rigid roles.

Give me the whole

inerrant and aberrant


Can’t recant.


Not naked hate

but still the closed gate.

Unwilling. Unable

to see at the table

the feast is free.

He welcomes me.

My Jesus.

He sings, like Solomon:

“Come out, come out

my dove, my love!

Show Me your face

from your hiding place.”

He whispers, “it’s grace, there

in between.”

He speaks to

my voice

held silent for years.

My words find footing

in the face of my fears.

“Write softly but bold,” He says,

“your heart can be told.

My dove, my love,

come out and be seen

in between.”


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One Comment
  1. How much time did it take you to post “In between 2:14 h.
    b. allaman”? It offers loads of fantastic tips.
    With thanks -Ahmad

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